My Capacity

Achieve more by doing less!

We’ve all done it.  Got to the end of the week and had no sense of where, and on what we have spent our most valuable resource, time.

When it comes to time, many of us are overspending, over budget, and overwhelmed.

We are out of control and at risk of failing at the important things because we are buying into other people’s needs, priorities, problems and dramas. 

And it’s about time we stopped!

My Capacity

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It’s about time we took steps to create capacity across our whole lives.  We need to find at least 15% extra:

  • Thinking space
  • Breathing space
  • Living space
  • Working space

By giving ourselves more space across all these aspects we can work from a position of adaptive capacity and taking advantage of the opportunities change provides, rather than impaired or surge capacity where we don’t have the bandwidth to think differently.

You can take back time, spend it wisely and build your capacity for now and into the future.

Your future self will thank you.


Sounds Great! I'm in!

It's about time you got off that vicious cycle of being out of control, overwhelm and failing at the important things.

6 weeks of focused content and support to help you have a life by design and not default.  

Take back control

Overcome overwhelm

Focus on what's important

All the tools and support you need to  achieve more by doing less!!

By applying The 15% Rule, this program will help you get more capacity to focus on the things that are truly important to you.

Thinking Space

Take a time out to Decelerate, Decompress and Decide what the best. use of your time and energy is.

Breathing Space

Disengage and Disconnect in order to engage and reconnect with those important activities and relationships in your life. Devote resources to where they need to be in order to create support and security for yourself.  

Living Space

Design your physical space and boundaries so you can  Declutter and Decomplicate your world to remove friction and enjoy effortless and frictionless living.

Working Space

Define, Defrag and Delegate to level up your professional life and career.

Drawing from a range of disciplines the 15% rule is proven to help people achieve more by doing less!

You will hear about sporting greats who achieved great success by applying a steady approach, rather than going flat out 100% of the time!

Businesses that allowed a 15% buffer that allowed them to take advantage of opportunities as opposed to missing out because they were booked out!

Individuals who have applied the 15% rule on a daily basis and are achieving WAY more than they thought possible, in less time!

I'm ready! Sign me up!

It works!

When Donna first shared The 15% Rule with me it blew my mind!  I immediately put it into effect with instant positive results.  I had more time for me, which meant I had more to give my family.

Janine Garner
Best selling author of It's Who you Know and Be Brilliant

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Packed full of value!

  • 6 highly practical modules covering thinking, breathing, living and working space
  • 48 Videos
  • 51 Tools, templates, techniques and checklists
  • 70 page Playbook
  • Lifetime access to the program

Module 1 - Foundation

Module 2 - Thinking Space

Module 3 - Breathing Space

Module 4 - Living Space

Module 5 - Working Space

Module 6 - Your Capacity Playbook


Let’s lay a foundation for taking back control, managing overwhelm and making sure we are making time for what is important.

Here we will look at our existing habits, mindset and beliefs when it comes to being productive and focusing on the right things.

At the end of this session it would be great if:

  • You understand what it takes to fundamentally change how you “do” your world
  • You have identified the causes of overwhelm for you
  • We have explored the neuroscience of productivity

Thinking Space

Do you ever catch yourself saying, "I wish I had more time to just think!"?

In this session, we will look at 3 ways to give yourself some thinking space.

Decelerate - we need to slow down and stop.  Take a moment to give our brain a chance to breathe.

Decompress - getting things out of your head so you can take stock of where you are at.

Decide - follow a simple process so that you can decide the 5W's of your activity.

At the end of this session it would be great if:

  • You have scheduled some thinking time
  • You have a process for auditing your brain
  • You have made some good decisions about moving forward.

Breathing Space

Like thinking space, we often lament that we don't feel like we have sufficient breathing space.  We fill our worlds with back to back activities that don't give us a lot of time to focus on what's really important.

In this session we will look at three ways to give yourself more breathing space.

Disengage - let's look at the people and activities that are taking you away from what you really want to do and set up boundaries around them.

Disconnect - we all know that we spend too much time on our devices, and are too accessible.  We need to disconnect to connect!

Devote - where are you effectively distributing your resources. This could be time, money, energy etc.  Are they being applied appropriately?

At the end of this session it would be great if:

  • You have done a high level plan of where you need to focus your resources
  • You have completed a joy audit of the people and activities you are currently engaged in.
  • You have a plan to increase the amount of time you are spending connected to the things that bring you joy, and are the most important to you.


Living Space

Marie Kondo has made quite a bundle of money helping people sort out the clutter that is their living spaces.  But it's not just your home, your working space could also be cluttered.

I'm the jury is in.  It's not good enough anymore to say, "I like working or living in organised chaos".  It's not productive.

In this session, we will look at 3 ways to give yourself some living space.

Design - what we want our living and working spaces to be.

Declutter - lets take away everything that is not serving you.  

Decomplicate - let's create frictionless living!

At the end. of this session, it would be great if:

  • You have a plan for removing things in your world
  • You have defined the kind of space you want to live and work in
  • You have looked for ways to remove friction from your life activities.

Working Space

This is about creating the space for you to level up your work, job and career.

In this session we will look at 3 ways to give yourself some working space.

Define - More than simply setting goals, it's about having a vision for yourself and all aspects of your life.

Defrag - the key to working smarter by avoiding multitasking and embracing batching.

Delegate - let go of things that others should be doing enabling your to put your attention where it's needed

At the end of this session it would be great if:

  • You have a plan for at least the next 5 years
  • You have explored what it would take to work to live rather than live to work
  • You have a plan for at least 15% of your current workload being shared with others or removed altogether


Your Capacity Playbook

Set yourself up for future success by having a playbook for moving forward to keep you on track and hold yourself accountable.

Research tells us that when we write things down we are more likely to retain information, and if what we are writing are goals or objectives, we increase the chance of achieving them outta sight by writing them down.

At the end of this session it would be great if:

  • You have made notes on what have been the critical aspects of this program for you
  • You have an actionable plan to continue moving forward
  • You have identified an accountability partner to help you maintain your progress
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Amelia, Legal Analyst

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and have lots to think about and implement for the future.

It has been a great opportunity to spend time with the team and Donna and learn new skills & strategies together to make all of our work lives (and personal lives) that bit more efficient and focused.

Agapi, Senior Legal Counsel

Just wanted to say how valuable I found your course and I am setting aside time in the next few weeks (and some hours in Jan) to consider some of the things you have gone through. 

Your sunny personality and humour lifted our Wednesday mornings! Will miss the tea cups and array of glasses.