2021 - The Struggle is real

motivation productivity Jan 21, 2021

How are you going settling back into work?  Are you back into your working routine pumped and motivated for 2021?

So many people I've spoken to in the past couple of weeks have told me a different story.

"I can't seem to get motivated."

"I'm struggling to get going."

"I can't find my mojo."

"I feel like I haven't had a proper break."

Part of the problem is that we actually didn't get a real break.  We have missed our annual contextual markers like saying "bye" to our colleagues as the lift doors close and we head off on holidays and then the informal kitchen gathering in the office when we return to hear about other's vacation experiences.  

It could also be the unrealistic expectations we have for 2021 after a challenging 2020.

Either way, the struggle is real, and I have some tips for you. 

Define a purpose. Whether this is from an annual perspective, "What's my theme or word for the year?", or from a daily perspective, "What do I need to focus on today?", having a purpose or reason to do things can be helpful in creating motivation.

Measure your progress.  Put a couple of things on a list, and then as you complete them, tick it off.  That sense of self satisfaction comes from a hit of dopamine.  The more you tick things, the better you feel.

Fourth 2 Hours.  Irrespective of the time of day, what are some things you could do today, that would make an easier start tomorrow?  Even if it's just tidying up your workspace.  This may feel like procrastination today, but it's actually supporting getting started tomorrow. (This is from my book The First 2 Hours.  Click here to get a copy.)

Do something, ANYTHING!  Even if you just get one thing done it's progress.  

I believe momentum creates motivation.  Make a start and see where it leads.  In my experience, the act of sitting and starting usually leads to completion, which leads to feeling motivated.


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